At Datatec Financial Services we work with everyone from Vendors, Distributors, Resellers, Service Providers and Outsourcers to End Users.

See below for some examples of how we’ve recently helped customers:

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Funding from multiple sources:

Maximum financing flexibility & reduced risk

A customer with an upcoming renewal on a Security Support Contract wanted to take advantage of the multi-year, pre-pay discount offered by the vendor. 

However, for various reasons they were not able to raise the cash needed to pay upfront from their traditional sources of finance. We worked with a number of our financing sources, including their existing provider, to examine ways to spread the risk across more than one provider and ultimately raise all of the required funds.

As well as funding the project successfully, the customer only had one point of contact for the whole transaction, vastly reducing the complexity of managing such a flexible solution.

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Vendor agnostic:

One financing deal for all technology types

The technology solution desired by the customer solution included various complementary technologies. Each technology provider individually offered financing solutions but would not fund other vendor’s technology.

This was an enormous barrier which the customer was struggling to overcome. However, once we understood all of the technology options and the vendors involved, we were able to aggregate all of the funding into one single agreement that covered all of the technologies and made it much easier for the customer to manage.

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Customer bespoke financing & documentation:

The ultimate in flexible IT financing

The customer had been working with a vendor captive finance company but it became clear that they were unable to structure a transaction that met mutual requirements. 

To help the customer, the finance company introduced us, and we worked closely with both parties to craft a bespoke financing document that enabled the deal to be completed with the requirements of all parties being met.

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Flex to customer’s budget & budget schedules:

Never compromise on technology again

The customer was investing heavily in a new security product and wanted to take advantage of the multi-year, pre-pay discount offered by the vendor. However, they had a set budgeted spend that they could not exceed in the coming 6 months, due to their year-end deadline which was causing an issue. 

We worked with them to create a repayment profile that enabled the customer to get the technology they needed, whilst remaining within the budgeted spend requirements.

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Financing intangible assets

Funding what others won’t

This customer was renewing a multi-year support contract with their security vendor and had been declined finance by their existing provider, on the basis that there was not any hardware in the deal. A common problem now that more and more companies are choosing subscriptions and software to access technology they would have previously had to procure as equipment.

We had already developed a robust, low-risk financial solution specifically targeted at maintenance and support contracts. This meant we were able to immediately get the customer what they needed, dramatically speeding up the transaction.

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Funding short term cashflow

Helping companies preserve cash through uncertain times

This particular customer had agreed to finance the purchase of new SD-Wan technology, but due to sudden economic conditions wanted to conserve their cash and delay the first payment. 

We were able to restructure the finance agreement to include a 3 month payment holiday to minimise the cash flow impact on the customer during the initial period.